'Soul of the Home'

The dinner table is where friends and family come together. At Windswept Ltd I strive to create a strong and authentic place to come together throughout the years. It is the forum across which news, joys, and sorrows are shared, and memories preserved.


Farm to Table, Workshop to Restaurant

Handcrafted genuine wood tables promote a feeling of authenticity and intimacy. They help develop a personal connection between your business and guests. They are a great way to demonstrate the connection to the locality. Crafted to last, crafted for great food, crafted for long conversations. These tables will encourage your guests to order that extra bottle of wine, look at the dessert menu, and stay awhile.



These handcrafted tables are built with genuine materials and intended to be passed along to the next generation. I can incorporate pieces of other heirlooms which are no longer useful, and thereby infuse the new table with the essence of the old.  My hope is that through the years your table will develop a patina unique to its surrounding. Every imperfection from a toddlers tantrum to spilt champagne is a memory preserved in this open wooden album.



What better way to commemorate the founding of a new family than to share your first meal as a family at the dinner table that will be there through all the highs of your life together. Also, it makes a great gift for the happy couple as well.



Custom is the name of the game, let me know how I can encapsulate your personality in a piece of furniture you will enjoy through the ages. I can easily incorporate significant items, materials, or other heirlooms into something fresh that's built to last. 




Whether it is a large piece or small never hesitate to ask. I never hesitate to try new things and always welcome a challenge. If you have a place but lack inspiration, I can help with that too. Most of my work is custom to order, but I do occasionally stock small pieces of decor.



Large Scale

I have many years of experience building new and saving/re-purposing old. I build them like they used to, while using modern materials to improve in areas of insulation and water protection. Have a large project on your mind? I am a partner at Harper ELM General Contractors, and there we specialize in the macro.